What Exactly Does Pilates Do?

January 8, 2024

Pilates, a renowned exercise method, has gained immense popularity due to its ability to improve strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. It blends elements of physical fitness, mental focus, and precise movements to create a unique approach to exercise. But what does pilates do, and what exactly are the benefits of pilates?

What is pilates?

Pilates is a holistic exercise method that combines elements of physical fitness, mental focus, and precise movements. Similar to yoga, Pilates is a combination of stretching, toning, and breathing techniques, and focuses on strengthening the core muscles. Pilates improves flexibility, enhances body awareness, and promotes overall well-being. 

Pilates: A brief history

Pilates, named after its creator Joseph Pilates, has a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. Joseph Pilates developed the method as a way to rehabilitate injured soldiers during World War I. 

He integrated principles from various disciplines, including yoga, martial arts, and gymnastics, to create a system that focused on strengthening the core, improving posture, and promoting overall physical and mental well-being. 


What does pilates do for your body?

Pilates is not just another fitness trend; it is a comprehensive system that caters to people of all ages and fitness levels. By integrating sports science principles, Pilates creates a belief system that supports and aids individuals in achieving their aspirations. So, what are the key advantages of Pilates?


Enhanced core strength and stability

A primary focus of Pilates is strengthening the core muscles, including the abdominals, back, and pelvic floor. The exercises performed in Pilates engage and activate these muscles, leading to improved core strength and stability. A strong core not only enhances posture but also supports the spine, reducing the risk of back pain and injuries.


Improved flexibility and range of motion

Pilates exercises emphasise elongation and stretching of the muscles, promoting improved flexibility and range of motion. Through controlled and precise movements, Pilates targets both large and small muscle groups, increasing joint mobility and promoting suppleness. Enhanced flexibility allows for greater ease of movement in daily activities and other physical endeavours.


Heightened body awareness and alignment

Pilates places great importance on body awareness and alignment. By focusing on the mind-body connection, practitioners become more attuned to their bodies and gain a deeper understanding of proper alignment during movement. This heightened awareness translates into improved posture, balance, and coordination in daily life.


Increased muscle strength and tone

Regular Pilates practice can help increase muscle strength and tone throughout the entire body. The exercises incorporate resistance and bodyweight movements, challenging muscles to become stronger and more defined. As a result, Pilates enthusiasts develop lean and sculpted muscles, enhancing overall body shape and aesthetics.


Improved breathing and stress reduction

Pilates emphasises the importance of proper breathing techniques, promoting deep diaphragmatic breathing. This type of breathing not only supplies the body with oxygen but also aids in relaxation and stress reduction. The rhythmic breathing patterns integrated into Pilates exercises enhance mindfulness, leading to a calm and focused state of mind.


Pilates classes with Strive Health Club

Clearly, Pilates offers a plethora of benefits for everyone. It’s a great combination of low-impact exercises that can promote post-rehabilitation for those recovering from sports-related injuries, as well as improving sports performance and enhancing your mind-body connection. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re a seasoned attendee looking to improve your technique, our team of Pilates experts at Strive Health Club can help.

Enquire with our team to become a member, or book onto one of our Pilates sessions today. Alternatively, you can browse our class timetable, from yoga to personal training, we’ve got something for everyone at Strive.